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The W. Ware Morrison Law Group has been obtaining restraining orders in family law cases for more than 20 years. Our attorneys understand that when you fear for your safety and that of your children, you need an attorney who can stand up for your rights and ensure you are protected.

What protective and restraining orders are available to victims of domestic violence?

A victim of domestic violence can apply for protective orders from the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Circuit Court. Those orders include:

If you are a victim of domestic violence and need a restraining order, speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Our attorneys can ensure all of your rights are fully protected.

How can restraining orders be misused?

Domestic violence is a serious matter, but being falsely accused of domestic violence is extremely harmful to your reputation now and in the future.  Unfortunately, combative spouses do cry wolf during divorce proceedings — and use a restraining order as a bargaining chip. These orders can be used in an attempt to obtain:

  • Sole occupancy of the home

  • Temporary custody of the children, often leading to permanent custody

  • Permanent custody of the child based on the alleged domestic violence

  • Influence in the case by painting a negative picture of the other party

Because it can be difficult to disprove an allegation of domestic violence, particularly in a divorce, you need a divorce attorney who is sensitive to the nuances involved and is able to represent you thoroughly. Our firm has more than 40 years combined experience and is ready to help.

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Call the W. Ware Morrison Law Group today for solid legal advice about protective or restraining orders in your family law case in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Chesapeake area. Don’t wait to make an appointment if your safety and that of your children is at stake. Call today at 757.401.4378 or use our online contact form. Our office is conveniently located near the Lynnhaven Mall.

  • Emergency Protective Order (EPO) — This order provides a stay-away order that lasts for three days.

  • Preliminary Protective Order (PPO) — A PPO is similar to an EPO, but lasts up to 15 days.

  • Protective Order (PO) — A Protective Order is a permanent order that lasts up to two years. It prohibits the abuser from harming your property and may require him or her to pay for your housing, attend counseling or give you temporary use of a motor vehicle. The order can include an order of temporary custody or visitation.