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Parental rights cases are some of the most serious and difficult cases that a court hears. Whether you are seeking termination of the other parent’s rights, you are facing a termination case yourself or you just want to understand the rights of custodial and noncustodial parents, the attorneys at the W. Ware Morrison Law Group are ready to talk with you. We have handled many of these types of cases for military and middle-class families in our area of Virginia.

The Virginia Parental Rights Act states that parents have the fundamental right to make decisions about their children’s

  • Upbringing

  • Education

  • Care

When a couple divorces or enters into a custody or child visitation case, the court makes decisions about whether one parent or both parents have the right to make these decisions about the child. The court also makes decisions about where the child lives and how he or she shares time with the parents. If you have concerns about parental rights or would like to modify custody orders, talk to our family law attorneys who have a great deal of experience in this area.

There are several situations in which a parent’s rights can be terminated in Virginia:

One parent cannot terminate another parent’s rights. People often ask whether the rights of a noncustodial parent who has not had contact with the child and has failed to pay support can be terminated. This is not normally the case. A parent can agree to give up his or her rights, usually if the child is going to be adopted by a stepparent. Our lawyers have years of experience in parental rights termination matters and can help you with your case.

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  • Reduction in rights — If abuse or neglect has been alleged and a parent is awaiting trial or if abuse/neglect has been proven and there is a belief that the family can be reunited, a parent has some rights terminated but retains residual rights to have contact with the child and a duty to support the child. Normally this occurs while the child is in foster care.

  • Permanent termination — If a parent has neglected or abused a child or the child has been abandoned by the parent, that parent’s rights can be permanently terminated by the court. The child is then freed for adoption.

  • Voluntary termination — A parent can choose to voluntarily terminate his or her rights so that a child can be adopted.

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