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Getting a custody or support order can be such a long, drawn-out and emotional battle that once you’ve got it, you breathe a huge sigh of relief. Unfortunately, those orders are sometimes not followed and need to be enforced. Or the order that once worked may no longer be what’s right for your circumstances and may need to be modified. So it’s important to have a lawyer you can trust, one who’ll stand up for your rights and help enforce or modify orders as needed. The W. Ware Morrison Law Group works extensively with military and middle-class families to make sure support and custody orders are enforced or modified when circumstances warrant that.

Child support can be enforced with a variety of legal remedies including:

  • Income withholding

  • Withholding of state and federal tax refunds

  • Property liens

There is no statute of limitations for collecting child support in Virginia. Retroactive support can be ordered from the date the case was filed. For experienced attorneys who get results with child support collection, get in touch with the W. Ware Morrison Law Group.

Virginia has specific rules about when you can seek to modify an existing family law order:

Our attorneys understand that circumstances change and that your needs and your family do not stay the same. That’s why we vigorously represent our clients in modification of divorce decrees and custody and support orders.

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When you need to modify or enforce a custody or support order in Norfolk, Chesapeake or Hampton Roads, the attorneys at the W. Ware Morrison Law Group can help. Get in touch with our office today by calling 757.401.4378 or use the online contact form to arrange a free initial consultation.

  • Suspension of drivers’ licenses

  • Suspension of other licenses

  • Child custodyCustody orders can only be modified with good reason, when a change would be in the best interests of the child. Relocation, visitation, abuse by a parent, changes in the child’s schedule or needs, and a change in the parents’ work schedules are all considered valid reasons for seeking a modification.

  • Child supportChild support payments can be modified when there has been a 25 percent change in income, a child being added or taken off the order, a change in the custody or visitation plan, an increase in day-care or healthcare expenses, or a failure of one parent to exercise visitation. Losing a job, getting married or having another child are all reasons people seek support modifications. Child support is automatically reviewed every 36 months.

  • Spousal supportAlimony payments can be modified when there has been a material change in circumstances or when an event the court planned on occurring did not actually occur.



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