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Military Divorce

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Divorce is difficult under normal circumstances, but divorce in a military family is even more complicated. There are additional laws that govern the division of military retirement benefits, health insurance, housing and more. If you or your spouse is a member of the military and you’re considering divorce, it’s important that you work with lawyers who have the experience and knowledge you need. Located in Virginia Beach, the W. Ware Morrison Law Group has been working with families from the Norfolk Naval Shipyard and other military bases for years and understands the unique circumstances surrounding divorce for members of the military.

Virginia has passed the Virginia Military Parents Equal Protection Act, designed to specifically address the needs of military parents.  The act provides that:

  • A parent who is deployed can give his or her visitation rights to another family member during the deployment.

  • The nondeploying parent must accommodate the leave schedule of the deploying parent.

  • The nondeploying parent must allow phone and mail contact between the child and the deploying parent.

Because deployment and relocation can make obtaining physical custody difficult for service members, it is essential that you work with an attorney experienced in child custody within military families.

There are protections available for the men and women who serve their nation. For a military spouse to receive military benefits in a divorce, the marriage must be of a certain length. These benefits include:

  • Military retirement benefits

  • Military health insurance

  • Commissary access

There are specific requirements for collecting child support from a service member, so it’s essential that your attorney understands all of the rules and regulations. Military divorce also includes issues involving property division and spousal support. At W. Ware Morrison, we provide experienced counsel for divorcing service members in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Hampton Roads areas.

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