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Divorces can be challenging and difficult times that signal the end of a relationship. However with the right legal representation, it can also become a time of new beginnings. At W. Ware Morrison Law Group, we offer expert representation to help you get through this transitionary period in your life with the assistance of knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys. We understand that the divorce process is financially and emotionally challenging, and so we work with you every step of the way to help you survive the divorce process.


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Understanding grounds for divorce in Virginia

You may have grounds for divorce in specific circumstances including:


Adultery - Adultery is a ground that necessitates testimony in court.


Desertion or cruelty - If one spouse leaves the other for a minimum of a year, or in the event of cruelty, divorce can be granted.


Felony conviction - When a felony conviction occurs during the marriage where a spouse has to serve one year or more, divorce can be granted.


No fault - In Virginia, divorce can be granted in the event of a separation. When living apart without cohabitation for a certain amount of time and if children are present, the separation must be for at least a year. If there are no children and you agree on property division, it can be six months or less.


A no-fault separation is the simplest and least expensive way to complete a divorce. Our attorneys can assist with all situations while keeping your budget under consideration.

A Virginia divorce case will be heard in circuit court and in order to file one, spouses must be a resident for a minimum of six months. A divorce case begins with filing a Bill of Complaint that has to be served on the other spouse. The spouse then has the opportunity to send a response. In the event that temporary orders are issued by the court, then the case will move into what is known as the discovery phase, and then it will move to trial. The case can move to mediation or settlement and the majority of divorce cases settle prior to trial. Depending on whether or not you and your spouse can reach a settlement, your case could take from six months to over a year to be completed.


A divorce involves all of the concerns involved with ending a marriage including custody, child support, alimony, and property distribution.


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