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Whether you are seeking alimony or think you might have to pay it, spousal support is a significant part of your post-divorce budget. You deserve lawyers who take your case as seriously as you do. Located in Virginia Beach and serving Norfolk, Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads area, the W. Ware Morrison Law Group stands up for you in your alimony case.

Alimony can be ordered as a regular payment or a lump-sum amount paid by one spouse to the other. When determining the amount of alimony, courts consider:

  • The financial obligations and resources of the spouses

  • The standard of living during the marriage

  • The length of the marriage

  • The ages and health of the spouses and how that affects their ability to work

  • Special circumstances of the family

  • The contributions each spouse made to the family

  • The property each owns

  • How marital property is divided in the divorce

  • The earning ability of each spouse including skills, education and training

  • The ability of the spouses to get the education or training needed to increase employment opportunities

  • Whether one of the spouses stayed home for the family

  • If the spouses enabled each other to obtain an education or a career by making sacrifices

  • The tax consequences to each

Even after alimony has been established, your circumstances may change, and you may need to talk with your attorney about modifying alimony payments. If you are seeking alimony or a modification in Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News or Virginia Beach, we can help you.

Alimony is generally paid by the spouse with greater financial resources. Alimony cannot be ordered if the spouse who would receive it committed adultery. Alimony payments automatically end:

  • Upon the death of either spouse

  • Remarriage of the spouse receiving alimony

  • At the time period stated in the alimony order

Temporary alimony can be paid while you are in the process of getting divorced. Alimony often is ordered to be rehabilitative — to allow one spouse to get the training or education needed to become financially self-supporting. Lifetime alimony may be ordered when the spouses are elderly or disabled. If you need divorce lawyers who are able to negotiate a favorable alimony settlement, turn to the W. Ware Morrison Law Group.

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